Community, Environment & Training

PW Nigeria recognises our social and economic responsibilities to both our employees and to the wider community.

We have worked diligently over a long number of years to ensure we have a positive impact and have tried to establish a harmonious relationship throughout and indeed after the completion of our operations.

We have met and surpassed our obligations under the industrial training scheme, NYSC programmes and other national training endeavours.

We support our staff in the pursuit of additional qualifications both within Nigeria and abroad and we run our own in house training programmes for our employees to allow them progress within the organisation and beyond.

PW Nigeria aims to improve the quality of life of the people within the communities in which we operate.

Whether this is due to the improvement of infrastructure or the employment of people from the community. However we also realise that through the course of our operations we can have a negative impact on their day to day activities and on the environment as a whole. In recognition of that we have continued to pursue a policy of engaging with the community to address their needs. We continue to run community development programmes in the areas we operate, we build schools and provided water infrastructure and we sponsor local initiatives and local organisations. As an organisation we firmly believe and take pride in the fact that when a community see the PW Nigeria logo coming into their area they welcome us in the knowledge that something very positive is happening in their community.