Our clients

PW Nigeria Limited has completed projects for private and public clients in the majority of states in Nigeria.

Our clients include International Financial Institutions such as the World Bank, Multinationals Blue Ribbon companies such as LaFarge and Chevron, International mining organisations, Federal Ministries, State Governments and Private Limited Companies.

Notwithstanding our strong historical client base we are always interested in seeking new partners and building new relationships. We are open to identifying and assessing new business opportunities, whether
that is a diversification from our core business strengths or bringing a new approach to our existing
business models.

Through our years of operations in West Africa PW Nigeria has built up an extensive knowledge of local and international finance. We therefore not only understand how to analyse the financial viability of our projects, we also have the expertise on the ground to ensure that these finances are controlled and channelled in the most effective means to provide a return for all parties involved.

Through our experience we have the personnel, systems and controls in place to meet the financial challenges that arise while operating in challenging environments.