Pavement & Surfacing

We produce all our own asphalt and have 6 fully operational asphalt plants along with an extensive range of asphalt laying equipment.

Asphalt Laying

We have a fleet of modern Pavers including Dynapac, Volvo with various screed widths up to 9 metres, all fitted with automatic leveling equipment to ensure a top class finish. The Pavers are supported with a fleet of caterpillar, Dynapac Steel Drum and Pneumatic rollers. We also have a 1.9 metre wide Cold Planer for planing out bad sections of road.

Asphalt Plants

We have 6 fully automated Asphalt Producing Plants such as Marini, Phoenix, Ermont and Loro Parasini.
These plants can produce in excess of 100 tons of asphalt per hour