Mining Support Services


  • Cadastral services
  • Exploration programme design & implementation
  • Drill programme design
  • Mineral resource delineation
  • Geotechnical drilling and testwork


  • Geological mapping
  • Soil geochemical surveys
  • Elemental analysis (XRF) for soil, rock and drill core samples
  • Excavation and logging of trial pits and trenches
  • In addition, PW Nigeria can offer sample preparation, logistical and analytical support through a state of the art facility located at PW Nigeria headquarters, Abuja, thus reducing expensive overseas fees.

XRF analysis

PW Nigeria offers XRF analysis for soil rock and drillcore geochemical samples. XRF can be excellent in defining pathfinder element anomalies for shear-hosted gold deposits such as the deposits of the Nigerian Schist Belts.

Geographic Information System

With our in-house GIS capability we can help you visualise your exploration data and generate geological models and mining schedules.

Geophysics & Soil Geochemistry

PW Nigeria can offer a complete range of geological services to help you efficiently complete your exploration and resource delineation studies. From cadastral services, geological mapping, geochemical and geophysical survey.

Petrography Studies

We can help you organise the despatch of your petrography samples for critical petrographical analysis giving you timely and cost effective solutions at every stage of your project.