Our mission is to promote mining opportunities for the Nigerian Economy, through turn-key mining solutions, executed to world class standards.

We have extensive mining experience all across West Africa and have recently been awarded a contract to undertake all mining and crushing services at a mine site in Bauchi state, this will be first industrial scale mechanized mine in Nigeria in recent years.

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PW Nigeria is leading the way in developing the full support services package for the the solid mineral mining industry in Nigeria.

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Through a joint venture with Meridian Drilling Ltd, PW Nigeria offers a full range of exploration drilling services.

In addition to mining, drilling and explorations services we also provide: Logistics and Support, Accommodation, Workshops, Importation & Customs, Visa & Immigration Services.

PW Nigeria has been mining in West Africa for many years

helping, countries and companies develop the vast natural resources that exist in the continent. Large scale mining involves the movement of huge amounts of earth. This must be done in an efficient, safe and environmentally sensitive way. Through our extensive experience in Ghana, Tanzania, Burkina Faso and Sierra Leone, we have developed systems and procedures that have enabled us to work with leading companies in the Ore extraction business. In support of the nascent mining industry in Nigeria we expanded the mining, geological and exploration capability of the company to allow us to offer a full range of mining services.